Documentation for EquationsOfStateOfSolids.

Package Features

  • Calculate energy, pressure, and bulk modulus of an EOS Parameters on a (an) volume (array of volumes).
  • Fit an EquationOfState on a series of volumes using least-squares fitting method.
  • Fit an EquationOfState on a series of volumes linearly.
  • Find the corresponding volume of an EOS Parameters given an (a) energy, pressure, and bulk modulus.
  • Handle unit conversion automatically in the above features, take any unit.

See the Index for the complete list of documented functions and types.

The old EquationsOfState.jl package has been superseded by EquationsOfStateOfSolids.jl. So please just use EquationsOfStateOfSolids.jl.

The code is hosted on GitHub, with some continuous integration services to test its validity.

This repository is created and maintained by singularitti. You are very welcome to contribute.


Manual Outline