ExactODEReduction.jl documentation

ExactODEReduction.jl is a Julia package that provides an algorithm for computing exact reductions of ODE systems. It finds a longest possible chain of linear reductions corresponding to Jordan-Hoelder filtration.

This documentation contains information about the functionality of the package as well as examples of use cases. See the Guide section for a quick introduction.


To install ExactODEReduction.jl, run the following command in Julia:

import Pkg

The package dependency on polymake is optional; it is loaded lazily only if necessary, and most of the package functionality works without it.


Given an ODE system with polynomial right-hand side, ExactODEReduction.jl computes a smaller, reduced system, with macro-parameters expressed as linear combinations of the original ones.

The main feature of the package is the algorithm for computing a longest chain of such reductions.

Feature list

  • Computed reductions are always exact transformations,
  • Allows coefficients from rational numbers, as well as its extension,
  • Expresses new macro-variables as conic combinations of the original ones.