• Contracts represent insturments that ultimately obligate a payment of cashflows, which may or may not be scenario dependant.
  • Quotes are observed or reference prices that may be used to fit models.
  • Models are the combination of assumptions and logic that can then be used to realize the assumed cashflows that arise from a contract.


FinanceModels.jl is the evolution of Yields.jl. Yields.jl was originally designed for very nice usage of term structures of yield curves, but three aspects held it back:

  1. The design was very oriented towards interest rates, and it was awkward to stick, e.g. volatility models into a package called Yields.jl
  2. The API for contructing curves was inconsistent because there are different ways to construct a given curve and the inputs to constructing a simple bootstrapped curve with a spline through given yields vs a best-fit of a variety of instrumnets was simply a different paradigm.
  3. There was a lack of ability to even express some types of contracts that are useful for model-fitting or modeling in general.


  • bond.frequency.frequency is awkward
  • Core contracts:
    • Composite contact (e.g. Fixed + Float -> Swap)
    • Forward contact
    • Derivatives?
    • distinguish between clean and dirty prices
  • Projections
    • Everythign is currently coerced to a F64/F64 Cashflow, but would like to be flexible with amount and timepoints
  • How to integrate Dates?
  • Core methods:
    • port Yields.jl methods
  • Ergonomics:
  • Package design:
    • promote pv to FinanceCore given it's utility here
    • promote Cashflow up to FC