This package implements a simple 4dfp-reading function Fourdfp.load(filename) for the Julia language.

4dfp is a format for storing volumetric fMRI images, developed at Washington University in St. Louis by Avi Snyder. For further information, see its documentation.


Within Julia:

using Pkg


Just call Fourdfp.load(filename), optionally with a byte_order keyword argument (LittleEndian or BigEndian). If the latter is omitted, the package will attempt to determine your file's byte order by parsing its .ifh (inter-file header) file. Since 4dfp files come in sets of 3 or 4 (.4dfp.img, .4dfp.ifh, .4dfp.hdr), the filename you specify can be any one of that set or for brevity you can just omit the .4dfp.* file extension.

using Fourdfp
my_data_array = Fourdfp.load(filename; byte_order = LittleEndian)

The return value will be an Array{Float32, 4}, where the dimensions represent x, y, z, and time.

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