GPLinearODEMaker.jl Documentation

GPLinearODEMaker (GLOM) is a package for finding the likelihood (and derivatives thereof) of multivariate Gaussian processes (GP) that are composed of a linear combination of a univariate GP and its derivatives.

q_0(t) = m_0(t) + a_{00}X(t) + a_{01}\\dot{X}(t) + a_{02}\\ddot{X}(t)

q_1(t) = m_1(t) + a_{10}X(t) + a_{11}\\dot{X}(t) + a_{12}\\ddot{X}(t)


q_l(t) = m_l(t) + a_{l0}X(t) + a_{l1}\\dot{X}(t) + a_{l2}\\ddot{X}(t)

where each X(t) is the latent GP and the qs are the time series of the outputs.

Where to begin?

If you haven't used GLOM before, a good place to start is the "Getting Started" section. We list how to install the package as well as a simple example

User's Guide

Using GLOM generally starts with choosing a kernel function (possibly with include_kernel)

and creating a GLO object.

Several kernel functions have been created already and are stored in src/kernels. Once one has a GLO, the covariances, likelihoods, and their derivatives can be easily calculated using GLOM

In addition, we have also provided some possible reasonable priors that can be used for the kernel hyperparameters

Citing GLOM

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All of the package functions and types can be found here

Documentation Acknowledgments

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