Install ADCME Docker Image

Install ADCME Docker Image

For users who do not want to deal with installing and debugging dependencies, we also provide a Docker image for ADCME. Docker creates a virtual environment that isolates ADCME and its dependencies from the rest of the system. To install ADCME through docker, the user system must

  1. have Docker installed;
  2. have sufficient space (at least 5G).

After docker has been installed, ADCME can be installed and launched via the following line (users do not have to install Julia separately because the Docker container is shipped with a compatible Julia binary)

docker run -ti kailaix/adcme 

This will fire a Julia prompt, which already includes precompiled ADCME.

For users who want to open a terminal, run

docker run -ti kailaix/adcme bash

This will launch a terminal where users can type julia to open a Julia prompt.


docker ps -a


docker container attach <container_id>

Or start a new bash from the same container

docker exec -ti <container_id> bash
docker run -ti -v "/path/to/host/folder:/path/to/docker/folder" kailaix/adcme bash
docker commit <container_id> <tag>
docker build -t kailaix/adcme . 
docker run -ti kailaix/adcme
docker push kailaix/adcme

The current directory should have a Dockerfile:

FROM adcme:<tag>
CMD ["/julia-1.6.1/bin/julia"]
docker system prune