Image Transformations

The ImageTransformations.jl package contains many useful functions for manipulating astronomical images.

Note however that many of these functions drop the AstroImage wrapper and return plain arrays or OffsetArrays. They can be re-wrapped using copyheader or shareheader if you'd like to preserve the FITS header, dimension labels, WCS information, etc.

You can install ImageTransformations by running ] add ImageTransformations at the REPL.

For these examples, we'll download an image of the Antenae galaxies from Hubble:

using AstroImages
using ImageTransformations

fname = download(

antblue = load("ant-blue.fits")

# We'll change the defaults to avoid setting them each time



We can rotate images using the imrotate function.

imrotate(antblue, 3π/4) |> imview