Genetic Algorithms

Genetic Algorithms API Reference


Lifeform(size, onlikelihood, initialscore)

Constructor for a BinaryLifeForm struct. Binary life forms are basically wrappers for a binary vector, which has a likelihood for being 1(onlikelihood). Each life form also has a score based on it's "fitness". So the GA's in this package can be used to minimize or maximize this is an open parameter, but Inf/-Inf is a good initialscore.

ChemometricsTools.Mutate โ€” Function.
Mutate( L::BinaryLifeform, amount = 0.05 )

Assesses each element in the gene vector (inside of L). If a randomly drawn value has a binomial probability of amount the element is mutated.

SinglePointCrossOver( L1::BinaryLifeform, L2::BinaryLifeform )

Creates two offspring (new BinaryLifeForms) by mixing the genes from L1 and L2 after a random position in the vector.