How to Cite CurricularAnalytics.jl

We encourage you to cite our work if you have used our libraries, tools or datasets. Starring the repository on GitHub is also appreciated.

To cite the latest version of the CurricularAnalytics.jl toolbox use:

  author = {Gregory L. Heileman and Hayden Free and William G. Thompson and Orhan Abar},
  title = {CurricularAnalytics.jl},
  year = {2018},
  url = {}

For previous versions of the CurricularAnalytic.jl toolbox please reference the zenodo site.

To cite the definitive Curricular Analytics technical reference, please use the following BibTeX citation:

  author = {Gregory L. Heileman and Chaouki T. Abdallah and Ahmad Slim and Michael Hickman},
  title = {Curricular Analytics: A Framework for Quantifying the Impact of Curricular Reforms and Pedagogical Innovations},
  journal = {},
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