Future Work

Current Activity:

  • Update CI testing.
  • Specialized algorithms for relaxing ODE constrained problems and solving global and robust optimization problems.
  • Extensions for nonconvex dynamic global & robust optimization.
  • Provide support for mixed-integer problems.
  • Update EAGO to support nonsmooth problems (requires: a nonsmooth local nlp optimizer or lexiographic AD, support for relaxations is already included).
  • Evaluation and incorporation of implicit relaxation routines in basic solver.

Other things on the wishlist (but not actively being worked on):

  • Implement the interval constraint propagation scheme presented in Vu 2008. For improved convergences.
  • A parametric bisection routine will be updated that can divide the (X,P) space into a series of boxes that all contain unique branches of the implicit function p->y(p).
  • Provide a better interface the nonconvex semi-infinite programs solvers (JuMPeR extension?).
  • Add additional McCormick relaxations.
  • Add handling for domain reduction of special expression forms.