EAGO provides a library of McCormick relaxations in native Julia code. The EAGO optimizer supports relaxing functions using nonsmooth McCormick relaxations (Mitsos2009, Scott2011), smooth McCormick relaxations (Khan2016, Khan2018, Khan2019), and multi-variant McCormick relaxations (Tsoukalas2014; a variant of subgradient-based interval refinement (Najman2017)). For functions with arbitrarily differentiable relaxations, the differentiable constant μ can be modified by adjusting a constant value in the package. Additionally, validated and nonvalidated interval bounds are supported via IntervalArithmetic.jl which is reexported. The basic McCormick operator and reverse McCormick operator (Wechsung2015) libraries are included in two dependent subpackages which can loaded and used independently:

NaN Numerics

When a relaxation is computed at an undefined point or over an unbounded domain, the resulting relaxation is defined as "not a number" (NaN) rather than throwing an error. This allows algorithms to check for these cases without resorting to try-catch statements. Moreover, when the interval domain is extensive enough to cause a domain violation, an x::MC structure is returned that satisfies isnan(x) === true.

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