FixedPointToolkit.jl is a Julia package meant for calculating fixed points of any scalar or vector functions, or equivalently, solve some system of self-consistent equations.

Currently supported :

  • Fixed point iteration can work on any user defined function.
  • User has options to use different pre-defined update methods to be used during the iterations : Simple Mixing, Schduled Mixing, and Broyden Mixing.
  • Can also implement a custom update function for user-specific scenarios.
  • Can allow for different kinds of scheduling where the step-size in parameter space during the iterations changes. Right now supports Quadratic and Exponential scheduling, but can also support custom user-defined scheduler as well.
  • Can checkpoint and save results into JLD2 files, and resume iterations from reading such files.
  • Can plot results of inputs, outputs, and convergence as a function of iterations.