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Hot to write your own Update

If you want to design your own update function, you need to follow certain guidelines

  • Define your function as follows (F is the function whose fixed point is being calculated)
function CustomUpdate(VIn::N, VOut::N, F::T ; F_args::Tuple = (), F_kwargs::Dict = Dict(), kwargs..., _extra...) :: Dict where {T<:Function, N<:Union{Number, Vector{<:Number}}}
    ##### Get VInNext by doing something on VIn, VOut, and stuff in kwargs.
    VOutNext    =   F(VInNext, F_args... ; F_kwargs...)

    ##### If you want to include scheduling, you can now include a function which updates the kwargs themselves --> call then new_kwargs (MUST contain all the keys of kwargs, even if they are unchanged)

    return Dict("VInNext"   => VInNext, 
                "VOutNext"  => VOutNext,
                "Delta"     => norm(VOutNext - VInNext) / sqrt(length(VInNext)), 
                "kwargs"    => new_kwargs)
  • Every other argument you pass to your CustomUpdate must be a keyword argument.
  • Unlike CustomScheduler, you will be able to pass whatever kwargs you want to CustomUpdate when you begin the Fixed Point iterations..