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Hot to write your own Scheduler

If you want to design your own scheduler, you need to follow certain guidelines

  • Define your function as follows
    function CustomScheduler(x::Float64 ; iter::Int64, max_iter::Int64, kwargs...)
        ##### Do something with x, iter, max_iter, and any other keyword argument in kwargs
        return x_new
  • Every other argument you pass to your CustomScheduler must be a keyword argument whose default values are set to whatever you want to use during the iterations.
  • You cannot pass these extra kwargs during the Fixed point iteration. That is why it is crucial to set their default values to what you need.
  • Suppose you want the mixing, $\alpha$ to follow some relation w.r.t iteration $i$, $\alpha = \alpha(i)$. What you want your CustomScheduler to return is the next iteration of the mixing, $\alpha(i+1)$, given that $\alpha(i)$, $i$, and other relevant parameters are passed to it.
  • Eg. for an exponential scheduling,
    CustomScheduler(x ; iter = i, max_iter = N, rate = r) = x * exp(-r/N)