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This package implements in Julia algorithms for computing the Frechet distance between curves. The Fréchet distance is informally the person-dog distance. Specifically, given two curves, imagine the dog walking along one of the curves, and the person walking on the other. Throughout the walk, there is a leash keeping them connected, and the problem is to plan the motion that minimizes the longest leash necessary to keep them together. For an animation demonstrating how such a synchronized walk might look like, see here.

This library is written in Julia and implements a number of different algorithms for the Fréchet distance, including the "easy" discrete variant, a retractable variant, a continuous monotone variant, etc.


Visual examples of output


To generate examples, you can run:

julia examples/generate_examples.jl

This generates movies/etc in the subdirectory output/01/, output/02/,...

Research project

This software was written as part of a research project involving Sariel Har-Peled, Benjamin Raichel, and Eliot Robson. A paper describing the algorithms/ideas used in this package is upcoming, and a link would be posted once it is available.