Release Notes

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

v0.1.2 – 2023-03-12

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  • support for weighted rules.
  • allow to specify input and output variables as vectors (e.g. x[1:10]) and support for loops to avoid repetitive code.
  • added support for type-2 membership functions and type-2 systems.
  • added parser for Fuzzy Markup Language.
  • added generation of native Julia code.
  • added left maximum, right maximum and mean of maxima defuzzifiers.

v0.1.1 – 2023-02-25

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  • Added fuzzy c-means
  • added Lukasiewicz, drastic, nilpotent and Hamacher T-norms and corresponding S-norms.
  • dont build anonymous functions during mamdani inference, but evaluate output directly. Now defuzzifiers don't take a function as input, but an array.
  • added piecewise linear membership function
  • added parser for Fuzzy Control Language and matlab fis.

v0.1.0 – 2023-01-10

initial public release

  • initial domain specific language design and parser
  • initial membership functions: triangular, trapezoidal, gaussian, bell, linear, sigmoid, sum of sigmoids, product of sigmoids, s-shaped, z-shaped, pi-shaped.
  • initial implementation of Mamdani and Sugeno inference systems (type 1)
    • min and prod t-norms with corresponding conorms
    • min and prod implication
    • max and probabilistic sum aggregation method
    • centroid and bisector defuzzifier
    • linear and constant output for Sugeno
  • initial plotting functionalities
    • plotting variables and membership functions
    • plotting rules of fuzzy inference system

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