This module contains general functions for logging the model states and restarting simulations. The Checkpointer uses ClimaCore.InputOutput infrastructure, which allows it to handle arbitrarily distributed logging and restart setups.

Checkpointer API


Returns the model state of a simulation as a ClimaCore.FieldVector. This is a template function that should be implemented for each component model.

restart_model_state!(sim::Interfacer.ComponentModelSimulation, comms_ctx::ClimaComms.AbstractCommsContext, t::Int; input_dir = "input")

Sets the model state of a simulation from a HDF5 file from a given time, t (in seconds).

checkpoint_model_state(sim::Interfacer.ComponentModelSimulation, comms_ctx::ClimaComms.AbstractCommsContext, t::Int; output_dir = "output")

Checkpoints the model state of a simulation to a HDF5 file at a given time, t (in seconds).