This module defines helper functions, objects, and constants to be used by various files in the test folder.

TestHelper API

create_space(FT; comms_ctx = ClimaComms.SingletonCommsContext(),
    R = FT(6371e3), ne = 4, polynomial_degree = 3, nz = 1)

Initialize a space on a sphere with the given parameters. Used for debugging and testing.


  • FT: [DataType] Float type
  • comms_ctx: [ClimaComms.AbstractCommsContext] context used for this operation.
  • R: [FT] radius of the sphere underlying space.
  • ne: [Integer] number of elements used in the space's mesh.
  • polynomial_degree: [Integer] degree of the polynomial used to represent the space (number of GLL nodes - 1).
  • nz: [Integer] number of vertical elements
gen_ncdata(FT, path, varname, val)

Create an NCDataset with lat/lon dimensions containing the value val for the variable varname, and store it at path.


  • FT: [DataType] Float type.
  • path: [String] location to store output datafile.
  • varname: [Symbol] variable name.
  • val: [FT] value to store as varname at all indices.