This module contains functions for postprocessing model data that was saved during the simulation by ClimaCoupler.Diagnostics. This module is used for offline regridding, slicing and spatial averages. It can also handle data from other sources (e.g., NCEP reanalysis).

Diagnostics API

    raw_data::Union{CC.Fields.Field, Array},
    lev_slice = 1,
    datafile_latlon = nothing,
    nlat = 90,
    nlon = 180,

Coordinates regridding, averaging or slicing of variable name corresponding to raw_data. Postprocessing methods are specified in p_methods. raw_data is assumed to be a Field (dimensions corresponding to the model's CGLL grid), a 2D Array with [longitude, latitude] or a 3D Array [longitude, latitude, level].


  • name: [Symbol] variable name
  • raw_data: [Union{CC.Fields.Field, Array}] variable data
  • p_methods: [Tuple] postproessing methods (:regrid, :horizontal_slice, :zonal_mean)
  • lev_slice: [Int] level index along which the :horizontal_slice is applied
  • datafile_latlon: [String] name of the regrid file
  • nlat: [Int] number of latitudes of the regridded array
  • nlon: [Symbol] number of longitudes of the regridded array
DataPackage(tag::PostProcessedData, name::Symbol, data::Union{Array, Field}; coords = coords)

A container for storing the tyoe, name, data and coordinates of a variable.