Availability Factor Table

setup_table!(config, data, ::Val{:af_table})

Populates the af column of the gen_table.

Updates the generator table with the availability factors provided. By default assigns an availability factor of 1.0 for every generator. See summarize_table(::Val{:af_table}).

Often, generators are unable to generate energy at their nameplate capacity over the course of any given representative hour. This could depend on any number of things, such as how windy it is during a given representative hour, the time of year, the age of the generating unit, etc. The ratio of available generation capacity to nameplate generation capacity is referred to as the availability factor (AF).

The availability factor table includes availability factors for groups of generators specified by any combination of area, genfuel, gentype, year, and hour.

\[P_{G_{g,h,y}} \leq f_{\text{avail}_{g,h,y}} \cdot P_{C{g,y}} \qquad \forall \{g \in \text{generators}, h \in \text{hours}, y \in \text{years} \}\]

areaAbstractStringE4ST.NAtrueThe area with which to filter by. I.e. "state". Leave blank to not filter by area.
subareaAbstractStringE4ST.NAtrueThe subarea to include in the filter. I.e. "maryland". Leave blank to not filter by area.
genfuelAbstractStringE4ST.NAtrueThe fuel type that the generator uses. Leave blank to not filter by genfuel.
gentypeStringE4ST.NAtrueThe generation technology type that the generator uses. Leave blank to not filter by gentype.
yearE4ST.YearStringE4ST.YearfalseThe year to apply the AF's to, expressed as a year string prepended with a "y". I.e. "y2022"
statusBoolE4ST.NAfalseWhether or not to use this AF adjustment
h_Float64E4ST.MWhGeneratedPerMWhCapacitytrueAvailability factor of hour _. Include 1 column for each hour in the hours table. I.e. :h1, :h2, ... :hn