Branch Table

Table representing all existing branches (AC transmission lines) to be modeled. See also DCLine

Note that the Branch Table does not contain DC transmission lines.

setup_table!(config, data, ::Val{:branch})

Sets up the branch table.

  • Flips f_bus_idx and t_bus_idx so that f_bus_idx < t_bus_idx
  • Makes bus[:connectedbranchidxs] which contains a vector of the signed index of each branch leaving that bus. (+ for f_bus_idx, - for to_bus_idx).
f_bus_idxInt64E4ST.NAtrueThe index of the bus table that the branch originates from
t_bus_idxInt64E4ST.NAtrueThe index of the bus table that the branch goes to
statusBoolE4ST.NAfalseWhether or not the branch is in service
xFloat64E4ST.PUtruePer-unit reactance of the line (resistance assumed to be 0 for DC-OPF)
pflow_maxFloat64E4ST.MWFlowtrueMaximum power flowing through the branch