DC Transmission Lines

struct DCLine <: Modification

This Modification takes in a file representing the dc lines to add to the model. See summarize_table(::Val{:dc_line}) for info on the table.

This creates a single variable for each dc line (at each point in time), and adds it to pbal_bus of the t_bus_idx, and subtracts it from the f_bus_idx. Represents a lossless transfer of power, ignoring voltage angle requirements.

Interfaces Implemented

modify_raw_data!(mod::DCLine, config, data)

Loads mod.file => data[:dc_line]

modify_model!(mod::DCLine, config, data, model)

Add dc lines to the model from data[:dc_lines], creating pflow_dc variables, and adding/subtracting to the corresponding pflow_bus variables.

f_bus_idxInt64E4ST.NAtrueThe index of the bus table that the line originates from
t_bus_idxInt64E4ST.NAtrueThe index of the bus table that the line goes to
statusBoolE4ST.NAfalseWhether or not the dc line is in service
pflow_maxFloat64E4ST.MWFlowtrueMaximum power flowing through the dc line