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AWS.jl is a Julia interface for Amazon Web Services.

This package replaces AWSCore.jl and AWSSDK.jl which previously provided low-level and high-level APIs respectively. It includes automated code generation to ensure all new AWS services are available, as well as keeping existing services up to date.

To see an overview of the architecture see the design document.


You will need some form of AWS credentials to use this package. The most simple way is to set up AWS CLI.

julia> Pkg.add("AWS")


AWS.jl can be used with low-level and high-level API requests. Please note when passing parameters for a request they must be a subtype of AbstractDict{String, <:Any}.


To use the low-level API, you must know how to perform the request you are making. If you do not know how to perform a request you can reference the AWS Documentation. Alternatively you can look at /src/services/{Service}.jl to find a list of available requests, as well as their required and optional parameters.

For example, to list the objects in an S3 bucket you must pass in the request method ("GET") and the endpoint ("/${bucket}"):

using AWS.AWSServices: s3

s3("GET", "/your-bucket")


To use the high-level API, you only need to know the name of the request you wish to make. For example again, to list the objects in an S3 bucket:

using AWS: @service
@service S3


Documentation for High-Level APIs