Marketplace Entitlement Service

This page documents function available when using the Marketplace_Entitlement_Service module, created with @service Marketplace_Entitlement_Service.



get_entitlements(product_code, params::Dict{String,<:Any})

GetEntitlements retrieves entitlement values for a given product. The results can be filtered based on customer identifier or product dimensions.


  • product_code: Product code is used to uniquely identify a product in AWS Marketplace. The product code will be provided by AWS Marketplace when the product listing is created.

Optional Parameters

Optional parameters can be passed as a params::Dict{String,<:Any}. Valid keys are:

  • "Filter": Filter is used to return entitlements for a specific customer or for a specific dimension. Filters are described as keys mapped to a lists of values. Filtered requests are unioned for each value in the value list, and then intersected for each filter key.
  • "MaxResults": The maximum number of items to retrieve from the GetEntitlements operation. For pagination, use the NextToken field in subsequent calls to GetEntitlements.
  • "NextToken": For paginated calls to GetEntitlements, pass the NextToken from the previous GetEntitlementsResult.