Cloudtrail Data

This page documents function available when using the Cloudtrail_Data module, created with @service Cloudtrail_Data.



put_audit_events(audit_events, channel_arn)
put_audit_events(audit_events, channel_arn, params::Dict{String,<:Any})

Ingests your application events into CloudTrail Lake. A required parameter, auditEvents, accepts the JSON records (also called payload) of events that you want CloudTrail to ingest. You can add up to 100 of these events (or up to 1 MB) per PutAuditEvents request.


  • audit_events: The JSON payload of events that you want to ingest. You can also point to the JSON event payload in a file.
  • channel_arn: The ARN or ID (the ARN suffix) of a channel.

Optional Parameters

Optional parameters can be passed as a params::Dict{String,<:Any}. Valid keys are:

  • "externalId": A unique identifier that is conditionally required when the channel's resource policy includes an external ID. This value can be any string, such as a passphrase or account number.