Connect Contact Lens

This page documents function available when using the Connect_Contact_Lens module, created with @service Connect_Contact_Lens.



list_realtime_contact_analysis_segments(contact_id, instance_id)
list_realtime_contact_analysis_segments(contact_id, instance_id, params::Dict{String,<:Any})

Provides a list of analysis segments for a real-time analysis session.


  • contact_id: The identifier of the contact.
  • instance_id: The identifier of the Amazon Connect instance.

Optional Parameters

Optional parameters can be passed as a params::Dict{String,<:Any}. Valid keys are:

  • "MaxResults": The maximimum number of results to return per page.
  • "NextToken": The token for the next set of results. Use the value returned in the previous response in the next request to retrieve the next set of results.