Hydrogen Production All

h2_production_all(EP::Model, inputs::Dict, setup::Dict)

The h2 generation module creates decision variables, expressions, and constraints related to hydrogen generation infrastructure. Hydrogen generation expressions are also applied to liquefiers and evaporators.

This module defines the power consumption decision variable $x_{z,t}^{\textrm{E,H-GEN}} \forall z\in \mathcal{Z}, t \in \mathcal{T}$, representing power consumed by electrolyzers in zone $z$ at time period $t$.

The variable defined in this file named after vP2G cover variable $x_{z,t}^{E,H-GEN}$.

Constraints on hydrogen generation capacity

One cannot retire more capacity than existing capacity.

\[\begin{equation*} 0 \leq y_{g}^{\textrm{H,GEN,retired}} \leq y_{g}^{\textrm{H,GEN,existing}} \quad \forall g \in \mathcal{G} \end{equation*}\]

For resources where upper bound $\overline{y_{g}^{\textrm{H,GEN}}}$ and lower bound $\underline{y_{g}^{\textrm{H,GEN}}}$ of capacity is defined, then we impose constraints on minimum and maximum generation capacity.

\[\begin{equation*} \underline{y_{g}^{\textrm{H,GEN}}} \leq y_{g}^{\textrm{H,GEN}} \leq \overline{y_{g}^{\textrm{H,GEN}}} \quad \forall g \in \mathcal{G} \end{equation*}\]