Must Run

must_run!(EP::Model, inputs::Dict, setup::Dict)

This function defines the constraints for operation of `must-run' or non-dispatchable resources, such as rooftop solar systems that do not receive dispatch signals, run-of-river hydroelectric facilities without the ability to spill water, or cogeneration systems that must produce a fixed quantity of heat in each time step. This resource type can also be used to model baseloaded or self-committed thermal generators that do not respond to economic dispatch.

For must-run resources ($y\in \mathcal{MR}$) output in each time period $t$ must exactly equal the available capacity factor times the installed capacity, not allowing for curtailment. These resources are also not eligible for contributing to frequency regulation or operating reserve requirements.

\[\begin{aligned} \Theta_{y,z,t} = \rho^{max}_{y,z,t}\times \Delta^{total}_{y,z} \hspace{4 cm} \forall y \in \mathcal{MR}, z \in \mathcal{Z},t \in \mathcal{T} \end{aligned}\]