Liquid Fuels Demand

liquid_fuel_demand(EP::Model, inputs::Dict, setup::Dict)

This module defines the conventional gasoline, jetfuel, and diesel production decision variables $x_{z,t}^{\textrm{Gasoline,Conv}} \forall z\in \mathcal{Z}, t \in \mathcal{T}$, $x_{z,t}^{\textrm{Jetfuel,Conv}} \forall z\in \mathcal{Z}, t \in \mathcal{T}$, $x_{z,t}^{\textrm{Diesel,Conv}} \forall z\in \mathcal{Z}, t \in \mathcal{T}$ representing conventional gasoline, jetfuel, and diesel purchased in zone $z$ at time period $t$.

The variables defined in this file named after vConvLFGasolineDemand cover variable $x_{z,t}^{Gasoline,Conv}$, vConvLFJetfuelDemand cover variable $x_{z,t}^{Jetfuel,Conv}$, and vConvLFDieselDemand cover variable $x_{z,t}^{Diesel,Conv}$.

Cost expressions

This module additionally defines contributions to the objective function from variable costs of conventional fuel purchase over all time periods.

\[\begin{equation*} \textrm{C}^{\textrm{Gasoline,Conv,o}} = \sum_{z \in \mathcal{Z}} \sum_{t \in \mathcal{T}} \omega_t \times \textrm{c}_{z}^{\textrm{Gasoline,Conv,VOM}} \times x_{z,t}^{\textrm{Gasoline,Conv}} \end{equation*}\]

\[\begin{equation*} \textrm{C}^{\textrm{Jetfuel,Conv,o}} = \sum_{z \in \mathcal{Z}} \sum_{t \in \mathcal{T}} \omega_t \times \textrm{c}_{z}^{\textrm{Jetfuel,Conv,VOM}} \times x_{z,t}^{\textrm{Jetfuel,Conv}} \end{equation*}\]

\[\begin{equation*} \textrm{C}^{\textrm{Diesel,Conv,o}} = \sum_{z \in \mathcal{Z}} \sum_{t \in \mathcal{T}} \omega_t \times \textrm{c}_{z}^{\textrm{Diesel,Conv,VOM}} \times x_{z,t}^{\textrm{Diesel,Conv}} \end{equation*}\]

This module also constraints the amount of each type of non conventional fuels deployment based on user specifications (if any).