pygenx: Python interface for GenX

Python users can now run GenX from a thin-python-wrapper interface, developed by Daniel Olsen. This tool is called pygenx and can be cloned from the github page: pygenx. It needs installation of Julia 1.3 and a clone of GenX repo along with your python installation.

Simple GenX Case Runner: For automated sequential batch run for GenX

It is now possible to run a list of GenX cases as separate batch jobs. Alternatively, they can also be run locally in sequence, as one job. It has been developed by Jacob Schwartz. This tool is called SimpleGenXCaseRunner and can be cloned from the github page: SimpleGenXCaseRunner

Bug and feature requests and contact info

If you would like to report a bug in the code or request a feature, please use our Issue Tracker. If you're unsure or have questions on how to use GenX that are not addressed by the above documentation, please reach out to Sambuddha Chakrabarti (, Jesse Jenkins ( or Dharik Mallapragada (